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P.R.O.N.K. is a free service to every person who is in need of answers or have experiences that they want to verify with what we call "Para-Forensic Research".

"We define Para-Forensic Research by stating that a paranormal investigation requires forensic-type research. We investigate a case to find out what exactly is occurring with state-of-the-art research equipment. Better yet, call us the CSI of the paranormal research field." - Mike Hon

We continue a case until the client is at rest in their business or place of business. Our group is mainly targeted to what is "real" and what is just "unknown". Instead of following the standards from the field, we step it up a notch. During training all our investigators are trained to disprove a haunting rather than to prove one is there. This relates to real "scientific research".

In science experiments a null hypothesis is made. - null hypothesis definition wikipedia

For something to be proven the null hypothesis has to be rejected.

"We make a null hypothesis based on the owners claims and try to see what exactly can be dis-proven or explained."

After that, we go over the evidence and present it to our clients in a fashion to which they can decide the meaning. This field is yet to be proven and is free for all to decide what exactly paranormal activity is. We just try to provide reasoning and solid evidence to what exactly is going on in your place of residence or business.

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