Investigations 2010 

This page is dedicated to evidence collected in the field. Evidence is not stating that the residence or business is haunted. This is only evidence presented to be "abnormal" and "unexplainable" through research and review. We work with various teams to research what exactly the paranormal is. Not all evidence is posted in the web archives, but if you are interested in hearing more please contact us and we will be more than happy to present our findings.

Please remember all evidence is unedited. If its hard to hear just remember i don't amplify or noise reduce evidence to prove the legitimacy.

Thank you and enjoy! 

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Cawford-Behringer Museum



Cotton Residence  

"We see people all the time in the office and you can "feel" them looking over your shoulder if your working at the desk or something. Chloe talks about them all the time. She says their names are Eason, Tobee and Nockey. She said Tobee and Nockey work for Eason. Tobee works in the house but Nockey works on the frame and doesn't get to wear shoes. Kind of makes since given it's a huge farm..they could have been slaves or something. The house isn't that old, it was built in 57 from what we were told but their was prob a house there prior to that. It's just a strange house. The heat gets turned up all the time, I'll hear kids crying and have heard an old man asking for help several times. I wouldn't say the house is haunted but that's just because that stuff doesn't scare me. It's a shame I didn't know about this stuff when I was living in Covington. I had a little girl in my apartment for years until she asked to leave so I had someone come in. The apt I lived in was "hiding quarters" for slaves escaping on the underground railroad. It was a pretty cool place too." - Homeowner


Ludlow Fire Department 

Photo complimentary of Ludlow Fire Department

June 5, 2010 

Ludlow Fire Department was established in 1923 and served as a fully functional city building. The building was used as an old police department, fire department, mayors courters, and jail. The mens and womens restrooms today housed past criminals. Supposively a few people had hung themselves in their cells.

 Claims of activity include:

 Sounds of jingling keys can be heard down hallways, shadows, kids playing in the hallway, and footsteps on the staircase leading to the sleep courters. An ex-chief was in the coat room between 11-12pm where he was asked for an application for employment. On the chief's way back from grabbing an application for him, the guy was no longer there. There was no evidence of anyone leaving the building and the guy had no time to be able to leave the building without being noticed. Lt. Randy McCauley has experienced a shadow standing right behind him as well as footsteps on staircases. President Ken has had expeirences himself as well. Other firefighters / EMT's state that these are common occurrences and can happen almost nightly.  


Big Bone Lick State Park 

May 21, 2010  

Big Bone Lick State Park has a long history from Native American tribes to European explorers as well as reminants of fossilized bones. Big Bones name originated from the old Salt Licks that were in the park. Along with the old history, the city of Boone County bought the park which housed several old buildings and residential homes. The city demoloshied the homes and paid off the owners leaving a bad taste in the communities mouth. There is not much documentation of what the homes looked like and who resided / passed away there but the history still remains present.

Claims of activity include:

  In the "Nature Center" disembodied voices as well as evp's of children and shadow figures have been discovered. Also Todd Young (PARKS), has taken a picture of the Nature Center with an odd outcome. He didnt notice the picture til about a year later when he was looking through his saved photos. Todd noticed it was not the same building that is there. This picture is currently in his possession and has never been debunked. In the "Visitor's Center", the gift shop security cage and an unlockable door has been witnessed to unlock and open by park staff. In the "Church" Todd has capured a stange black shadow on video on the second floor and others have been reported to have been physically attacked in the upstairs closet. There is also reports of the organ playing in the morning with no one inside the building.


Abandoned School 

May 7, 2010  

 Activity seems to swarm this building. Lyzayne Whitaker gave us a tour of the building. On the tour there were several claims of activity. The old shop class supposively had a girl who went to school there. Her hair got caught in a machine that tore her scalp off her head. In the boiler room numerous students had been raped by janitors that used to work there. In the auditorium a girl can be heard dancing on the stage as well as singing. A reported unfriendly spirit has been reported in the room beside the stage. Shadow figures can be seen almost anywhere. We were unable to find records of these claims but hopefully in the near future we will.

a tape recorder wow.wav a tape recorder wow.wav
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Waverly Hills Sanatorium 

March 20, 2010  

playing chips...502 or farther down.wav playing chips...502 or farther down.wav
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get off the bricks.wav get off the bricks.wav
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my pen is out here.wav my pen is out here.wav
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Bobby Mackey's Music World

TSP & Shannon Sylvia

break out after shannon left.wav break out after shannon left.wav
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2 class a evps.wav 2 class a evps.wav
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hide n seek after shannon.wav hide n seek after shannon.wav
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Patterson / Homestead Mansion 


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Cody Road 

complimentary of Chris Maggard 

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