PRONK Founders

Michael Hon

Founder, Technical Director, Lead Investigator, Marketing

People ask me all the time..How did I become interested in the paranormal? I have been interested in the paranormal since I was young. I always was a horror movie buff and a science geek. I saw all kinds of ghost movies and read all the ghost story novels because I always thought the idea was interesting but never believed it. When i was 17 i was over a friends house hanging out, helping him move. His cordless phone started ringing in the cardboard box we were packing his belongings in to move out of his apartment.. His house phone had been disconnected for 2 weeks and it was a cordless phone packed in a box with the charging unit and adapter packed away as well. I went over and picked it up, pushed the button, and tried to answer it. Nothing happened. Being the skeptic as I always am, i laid the receiver back in the box and it stopped ringing. I asked my friend if he heard the phone ringing and he was staring at me with a confused face. He came over and tried to again turn on the phone and there was no power. Even the page button didn't work. Soon after, he said he felt a breeze pass him and then the bathroom light went out! After that experience I have always wanted answers for my experience.  


In the beginning I didn't really believe that there was paranormal activity among us.  I have always liked the T.V. show "Ghost Hunters" and the show "A Haunting" but, I thought it was people making up stories to become famous. After I met Mike Hon I went on some investigations and heard with my own ears, on a digital audio recorder, a termed "Class A" EVP from Bobby Mackey's while reviewing evidence with him. I can definitely say I was scared but I want to know more about why these entities are still here and the scientific reasons what is causing this phenomena. 

Keleah Collins

Co-Founder, Investigator in Training, Graphics 


 Nick McNay

 Co- Founder , Assistant Technical Director, Investigator in Training 

I have to thank Mike Hon for getting me involved with PRONK and OPR. It started by doing a project on the movie Paranormal Activity. With my camera experience and being a non-believer in  the paranormal field, Mike encouraged me to be a founder of the organizations and mentor me through the paranormal field. I have never seen anything that would lead me to believe that something is haunted therefore with being presented a little evidence and doing interview’s with the Klinge Brothers of Discovery Channel and Carl Johnson a demonologist and other paranormal investigators I became more interested about what people are actually seeing and hearing or are some people just crazy. That's why I want to capture my own EVP's and video’s of apparitions so I can find the answers  to the questions I have personally. Once  I can say I have my own evidence and can start telling people what I’ve encountered I would then consider my self to be a believer.  Since being involved in the paranormal field I have stated watching the shows on TV.



Matthew Brewer

Co-Founder, Investigator in Training 



PRONK Members 

Jason Prager  

Investigator in Training

I don’t believe ghosts exist that’s why I joined the group, to find out if the paranormal world is real.  I have never had any experience with the paranormal but I like horror movies. I am interested in finding out what exactly is true and what is myth.


This could be you! 

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