The Organization of Para-Forensic Research (OPR), was created to reach out to the student community as well as the public community. Our focus in this organization is to provide knowledge about the paranormal field and what exactly a “ghost hunter” is. Scientifically this field is yet to be proven but with the help of our community maybe we can all work towards a common goal and help one another. We will provide a basis of knowledge about paranormal investigations, how they work, what equipment is used, and connections with local paranormal groups along with locally well-known researchers. The Organization of Para-Forensic Research will work with local groups affiliated with OPR to bring evidence to Northern Kentucky University to share with the community. We will also work on documentaries to present to anyone interested.

Donations are accepted to help provide internships, education, and equipment for students involved with the Organization of Para-Forensic Research. All donations are very much appreciated and 100% goes to the functions of the organization. 

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